Help your team organize itself using simple #hashtags.
Save time. Communicate clearly. Execute fast.
  • All-in-1 solution (discuss, organize, execute)
  • Clearer communication (actions in messages)
  • Self-organized messages (organize as you type)

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Press mentions

MattNeedless to say I was ecstatic to find a tool that takes this natural flow of thought to input and automatically organizes everything into clear and simple sections

Matt Doak -

Afharo Twoodo is a fantastic way to keep our day-by-day ideas, todos and reminders in order so we can focus only on what’s important.

Alejandro Fernández Haro - Case on it

Organizing a team or project can be chaotic...

Twoodo is a new way of working. Instead of sending chaotic emails or using task management tools, Twoodo lets you put tasks and actions within conversations. With our simple hashtag language you can:

  • discuss #ideas
  • shares #todo's
  • manage +teams
  • #vote on decisions
  • track and manage everything in all simplicity
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Twoodo lets you naturally organize everything through hashtags,
and focus on what's important.

The beauty is in its simplicity and flexibility. With our smart #hashtag language, Twoodo enables you to seamlessly track and organise your conversations, to-do lists, notes, events and more, giving you headspace to focus.

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For example - You write...

Write what you think, we'll take care of the rest

  • Add a # to put it in a category
  • Add #todo to make it a task
  • Add @name to assign it someone

...and you get this:


Type something in the left box to see the result here

A clear and searchable post like this

  • Easily remember everything
  • Keep track of your todos
  • Communicate and share everything with your team and clients

Still free for our beta users, hurry up!

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